St. Francis Urgent Access Membership Program


St. Francis Urgent Care Center’s goal is to offer high quality convenient healthcare for all members of communities we serve. We understand that healthcare costs can at times become overwhelming.  Our Urgent Access Membership Program is one solution we offer to help manage healthcare costs. 


Our Urgent Access Membership Program is ideal for those individuals, couples and families who don’t have insurance, have a high deductible or a gap in insurance coverage, or who simply wish ready access to quality care.



What is the St. Francis Urgent Access Membership? 


The St. Francis Urgent Access Membership is a monthly membership program; it is not insurance and may only be used at St. Francis Urgent Care Center. Urgent Access Membership cannot be used if you wish to bill your insurance for the care you receive at our location and cannot be used with any U.S. government plan, such as Medicaid or Medicare. 


What are the costs of my Urgent Access Membership? 


$155 Initial payment (includes enrollment fee + first & last month's membership fees).


$45 Monthly fee automatically deducted every 30 days from the payment details you provide.


$15 Per Visit Utilization Fee, to be paid at the start of your visit each time you visit the Urgent Care.



$155 Initial Payment

(covers first and last month’s Membership Fee)

$45 Monthly Fee

(automatically deducted 

every 30 days)

$15 Per Visit Utilization Fee

(paid at the start of each visit)


What is covered under my Urgent Access Membership? 

  • Office Visit (with Utilization Fee of only $15.00/visit)

  • Telemedicine “eVisits” at only $15.00/eVisit

  • Sports Physicals

  • School Physicals

  • Travel Medicine Consultations 

  • 50% off Self Pay Prices for In House Laboratory Services, In House X-Ray Services, and Clinic Procedures (including, but not limited to, Laceration Repairs, EKGs, Incision & Drainage of Abscesses)

What is the Urgent Access Membership advantage?

  • Open 7 days a week

  • Walk-in clinic / No appointment needed

  • Low costs for routine on-site lab work, x-ray imaging, and procedures

  • Compliment high deductible insurance and health savings accounts



What is excluded from my Urgent Access Membership?

our membership DOES NOT cover the following: 

  • Medications 

  • Vaccinations

  • Durable medical equipment (crutches, splints) and 

  • Immigration Physicals

  • Occ Med & Workers Comp Services (such as Drug Testing, First Aid, pre-employment physicals, DOT Physicals) 

  • Services performed by outside facilities (such as specialist visits and lab work done outside the clinic, outside imaging, hospitalization, ambulance transportation). 

  • Primary Care Services


How can I cancel my Urgent Access Membership?

You may cancel your Urgent Access Membership at any time upon written notice in accordance with the terms of the St. Francis Urgent Access Membership Agreement