Pre-Employment Services

Our pre-employment services include the following:


Drug Screening:

• 5, 7, 9 or 10 Panel (non-DOT)

• DOT Panel

• Collection only (urine or hair)

• Instant 5 Panel Screen (non-DOT)

• Other custom services

• Medical Review Office (MRO)


Physical Examinations:

• Pre-employment physicals

• DOT physicals by a Certified Provider


Additional Services:

• Hearing Test

• Vision screening

• Spirometry-Pulmonary Function Testing

• Vaccinations

• TB Testing


Full Digital Chest and other x-ray examinations

(Available Daily Including Evenings And Weekends With Quick Radiology Read Turnaround)

**Employers With An Agreement In Place Qualify For A Reduced Fee Schedule For Pre-Employment Services.**


Worker Injury Management

Initial treatment and oversight of Worker Injuries including the following:

• Patient evaluation and treatment plan

• Continuity of care until able to return to normal work duties,

• Referral to appropriate specialists,

• Communications of progress to employer

• Back-to-work plans provided to employer


Complementary Services to our Employers

• Courtesy workplace visit: evaluate site for safety, hazards, and preventions being used (e.g., earplugs if in hearing conservation)

Safety education in-services for employees on a variety of topics: forklift, chemical mgt., hearing, respiratory protection. In-services are provided at request once a year.

Contact us at 510.780.9400 to set up services or for more information.